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Here You are the latest art piece by Moreno Bondi: “SOCIETA’ LIQUIDA” (Liquid Society). A gorgeous oil on canvas, introflexions and 9 Statuario marble sculptures. The nine keywords (Liquid Society, Appearance, Crisis, Individual, Values, Identity, Ideals, Harmony, Social Bounds) tell the fragmentation of the individual in the contemporary liquid society, so said by Zygmunt Bauman


Moreno Bondi plays the reckless destruction of the common cultural heritage (landscape, beauty, archaeology, art) by burning his impressive and precious paintings painted with oil. An installation of flames and fire introduces “CRITICALLY ENDANGERED”, a series of works crying the devastation caused by willing disdain and unconscious carelessness of beauty….



Moreno Bondi has a little speech about the painting and sculpting in his artwork….and his sculptures are like silk.

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